Age and Testosterone Levels: What You Need to Know

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Among all the hormones that are in a male body, it is undeniably testosterone that is the most distinguished. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is mainly produced in males. You read that right—mainly. Women also produce their own testosterone but not that much compared to those produced by men. This hormone is very important to all men because it is the one that’s responsible in making man “man”.

Before birth, testosterones are the catalysts in the formation of primary male sex organs. They continue their very important jobs in the shaping of secondary male characteristics such as deep voice, Adam’s apple, body hair, muscles, etc. It is also essential in a few important bodily functions such as bone, muscle and red blood cell formation. But I guess it’s most significant contribution in the male specie is in fueling sex drive, sperm production and reproduction.

Testosterones play a vital role in a man’s health that imbalances can have various adverse effects. Low testosterone levels can cause bone problems, diabetes, and even heart diseases. It also greatly affects behavior among men that an imbalance can cause depression and other negative behavior. However, changes in the “testosterone meter” are very normal in every man. It comes with aging.

In measuring testosterone levels, it is divided into two: total testosterone and free testosterone levels. Total testosterone levels are measured by the amount of testosterone freely flowing in your blood.

These testosterones are bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and the protein albumin. On the other hand, free testosterone levels are actually included in your total testosterone level but are measured separately as well for other health information purposes.

Free testosterones are those that are, as what its name implies, free or unbound. The unit of measurement used in measuring testosterone levels is ng/dl or nanograms per deciliter.

Testosterone levels are at its peak during puberty and early adolescence, especially at the age of 18 wherein it can reach up to 1,200 ng/dl. For the average adult male, normal testosterone levels are within the range of 270-1,070 ng/dl. By the time a man goes beyond 30, there will already be an estimated 1% decrease of testosterone levels every year. Below are the normal ranges of total testosterone levels for every age range.

Age Total testosterone level (ng/dl)
0 to 5 months 75-400
6 months to 9 years <7-20
9 to 11 years <7-130
12 to 13 years <7-800
14 years <7-1,200
15 to 16 years 100-1,200
17 to 18 years 300-1,200
19+ years 240-950
Average adult male 270-1,070
30+ years -1% per year

There is nothing to worry about when your testosterone levels start to decline. It is very normal and it happens to everybody. It is part of aging and is something that every man needs to accept. We don’t always stay lean and all muscled forever.

However it is important to make sure that the depletion or the lowering of your testosterone levels are due to aging and not because of hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition wherein the body does not produce the normal amount (sometimes doesn’t produce at all) of testosterone needed by the body. If this is true to your case, then it is best to consult your doctor.

Testosterone Level can be boosted by taking effective supplement such as Testofuel supplement.

10 Tips to Help You Age Gracefully

Is time seem to be running fast that your years are adding up non stop and you feel like you just want to pause for a while? Worried about how you’re looking lately in front of the mirror? Are your joints, muscles, eyes, ears, and a whole lot more body parts of yours constantly failing you? If your answer to all of these questions is a repeating “yes”, then welcome to the reality of aging.

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The Truth about Knee Pain and Aging

Do knee pain and aging really come together as a package? We often hear our folks complaining about a pain on their knee and often, they associate it with their advancing age. We assume that knee or joint pain is just a normal part of growing old and that we  just have to accept it, but that is not true, you shouldn’t just wait for your pain to pass, you also need to do something about it because it might already be something serious. There are now a lot of treatment options that you can choose from.

knee pain

When you feel pain, especially when it lasts for a very long time, it will start to affect different aspects of your life. We have been so used of our body healing itself naturally so that is what we always expect to happen, but we should know when it is already time to start seeing the doctor because you might already have arthritis. It is also important to know that there are different kinds of arthritis and it is essential that you know the most common forms.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

In this type of arthritis, the inflammation of the joints occurs on both sides of your body, the symmetry is what helps distinguish it from the other types of arthritis. Some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are fatigue, joint pain, swelling in the affected areas and joint stiffness. This could be a very dangerous disease and an early diagnosis and an aggressive treatment can help you prevent disability, maintain the joint’s function and improve the chance of survival.


This is often referred to as degenerative joint disease and this is the most common type of arthritis in people who are older than 50 years old, basically, this is the kind of arthritis that comes with old age. As we become older, the rubbery cartilage that often serves as the shock absorber of our joint becomes stiff, causing it to lose its elasticity and become more at risk of developing further damage. As the cartilage starts to wear out, the tendons and the ligaments stretch, and that’s what causes the pain.

The most common reported symptoms include joint aches, pain and the feeling of being sore. Pain relievers and other kinds of medications may help alleviate the pain but lifestyle changes is also very important in this condition, you will need to lose weight in order to reduce pressure on your weight bearing joints.

Fending Off Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s or Dementia is one of the most feared disease these days,  while it may not hurt you physically, it attacks the emotional part of one’s being. The pain that a person feels during a heart attack might even be equal to the pain a person and his or her family feels as someone with Alzheimer’s slowly fades away before their eyes. They lose a lifetime of memories, their sense as a person and everything they used to know and care for.

With Alzheimer’s Disease, the person is still physically present but mentally, they are no longer there. They will forget who you are, what you mean to them, the eyes that once looked at you with so much warmth will now stare at you with no hint of recognition.


Yes, Alzheimer’s is one savage disease. That is why we should not just sit around and wait for it to come and get us, or any of our loved ones. So what can we do? According to research studies, a certain  lifestyle can help reduce our risk of having Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Prevention is better than cure after all, right?

But you have to know that this is also a complex disease and that there are a lot of factors contributing to your chances of developing the disease, factors like age and genetics, factors that you cannot do anything about. But here are the other factors that you can work on.

Regular Exercise

A regular physical exercise can help reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease of up to fifty percent. It can also slow down the progression of the disease process on those who have already developed some cognitive problems. According to research, exercise can help protect us against Alzheimer’s by stimulating the ability of the brain to maintain the old connection and also to make new ones.

Healthy Diet

There are studies that suggest that there is a strong link between metabolic diseases and the signal processing system of the brain. So a healthy eating habit can help reduce the inflammation and promote a normal energy production for a healthy brain.

A Quality Sleep

It is common for people who have Alzheimer’s disease to suffer from sleep problems like insomnia, but a new research suggests that a disrupted sleep pattern may also be a possible risk factor for developing the disease. A lot of studies now suggests that poor sleep is associated with a higher level of beta-amyloid, it is a sticky and a brain clogging protein that can further interfere with sleep, most especially with deep sleep.

You Can Be Forever Young with Meditation

When you are already in your mid to late twenties, your brain will start to wither, it will start to decrease in weight and volume. Because of that, you can start to lose some functional abilities at such an early age. We make a fuss over our weight, over our bone health and heart health but we often forget the health of a very important organ in our body, our brain. What good is a healthy body when your mind is no longer healthy enough to even process what is going on around you? The point here is that, a healthy mind should also be at the top of your list.

Lucky for us, there are new research findings that show the good effects meditation has not only to our body but to our mind’s health as well. Of Course we are all well aware of the initial benefits of meditation like a reduced level of stress and anxiety, a decreased blood pressure and even enhanced happiness, but recent studies have shown that one of the long term effects of meditation is that it seems to inhibit the aging of our brain.

Meditation does not only cause less age related entropy on the brain’s white matter, researchers also found out that meditation also appears to help in the preservation of the gray matter of the brain. The gray matter is the tissue in the brain that contains the very important neurons. Here is a list of the effects of meditation in our brain.


Helps Preserve the Aging of the Brain

In a study that was conducted, the participants that have been meditation for at least twenty years have more gray matter throughout their brain as compared to those who don’t meditate.

Improves Focus and Concentration

People of all ages have a hard time concentrating and focusing at times, this is not just a kid problem. A research study showed that meditation for even just at least two weeks can already improve one’s focus and concentration significantly.

Causes Volume Changes in the Key Areas of the Brain

Just eight weeks of meditation can already cause changes to certain parts if the brain, one study found that it can already increase the thickness of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. It also has the same effects to the part of the brain which play roles in regulating our emotions. Meditation also caused a decrease in the brain cell volume of the amygdala, the part which regulates stress, fear and anxiety.

Facial Yoga: The Secret to Graceful Aging

It is inevitable, we are going to age, and along with the advancing of our age, our face and body will also start to show a lifetime’s worth of stress, emotion and experiences. What most of us don’t like about aging is that our number of years here on Earth tend to show on the wrinkles, the fine lines, the bags under our eyes and the laugh lines all over our face. These days, wanting to keep a youthful appearance will cost you a lot. But there is a way to keep a younger look without having to spend a lot of money, all you really have to do is to workout your face.

facial yoga

You read that right, all you really to do is to work your face out with what we call the Facial Yoga. This is a better, less expensive and a more permanent way to look great no matter how old you are.

The Benefits

It helps you relax the muscles around your eyes therefore improving your vision, it can also help you alleviate headaches and blurred vision. Facial yoga will erase your frown lines and release you from your worries, it will set your facial tone right, help you get a tighter jawline and prevent you from having a drooped posture which could lead to neck wrinkles.

Facial Yoga

Here are some of the most beneficial facial yoga that you can easily do.

  • The Scrunches

First you need to breathe in and close your eyes tightly. Purse your lips as tight as you can, bunch up your fists without having to push them downwards then make a face like you are scrunching it to stop yourself from crying. Release the pose when you already need to take a break, that will help relax your whole face.

  • Calm Down

Briskly rub your hand together in order to warm them up, next close your eyes and then cup your warm palms over your eyes. Then take a deep breath using your nose and hold your breath for as long as you can. This is going to relax your eyes and ease your tensed up muscles and emotions.

  • Neck Stretch

The neck stretch will make you look like a zombie dancing in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, but then it will help tighten your neck muscles. First you have to tilt your head to the right, touch your ear to your shoulder if you can but you have to do it without raising your shoulder. Next, lift your left hand up, point your fingers towards the floor and push your arm down.

Nature’s Botox Alternative

We all want to age gracefully, but there are a lot of contributing factors that hinders a lot of us from achieving that. One of the major contributor is, of course, our constant companion named stress. Stress is the culprit as to why those fine lines are already showing up in our faces at such a young age. Another factor that may hinder you from aging gracefully is the amount of sleep you are getting, let’s admit it, we only get eight hours of sleep or more for just a day or two in one week.

no botox

Good genes would also play a significant role in a graceful aging, if you have it, then you’re almost good. But for those who do not, those who are already showing obvious signs of aging on their faces but still want to look their best at a mature age find ways to maintain their youthful appearance. This is why so many people spend a lot of their money, exhaust all of their resources for procedures and treatment to erase those fine lines and wrinkles, procedures like botox.

Botox isn’t cheap and that is not a one time procedure, so you must really need to have money for it. But what I told you that you can age gracefully without the help of botox, all you really need to do is eat. Yes, eat. Eating the right food can produce amazing results! Start eating right and you will definitely not need the help of a cosmetologist later on. Here are some food items that have natural botox effects.

Red Pepper

Did you know that red peppers contain twice as much Vitamin C as an orange? And according to health experts, it is their abundance of vitamin C that allows them to act as a natural botox and help you prevent wrinkles. Vitamin C is the primary ingredient in a lot of skincare and beautifying products, that is because it acts as an aid for the body to produce collagen, that is a protein that forms our skin’s basic structure. Vitamin C also helps tighten your skin.

Beets and Tomatoes

Remember this: fruits and vegetables that have a red color are a great source of antioxidants that we know as lycopene. Lycopene increases the production of collagen in our body, they also fight the damage that sun does our skin.


It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A, B and C, those vitamins can also hasten the replacement of damaged cells in our body by speeding up the cell renewal process.

Soy Products

These foods contain genistein, it is a chemical that increase the production of collagen in the body and protects our skin from the cellular damage. They are also rich in protein.

Managing Stress in a Chaotic World

Managing Stress in a Chaotic World
Managing Stress in a Chaotic World

In a strange world we are in now, stress is inevitable. It can be from work, relationships, studies, financial concerns, or even life itself. Mostly we cannot avoid being stressed because we cannot control all the happenings in the surroundings and in the whole world. It is said that our lives are all interconnected. So, the doings of one person affects other people. If this is so true, indeed stress is unavoidable.

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Does Arthritis Come with Old Age?

Does Arthritis Come with Old Age?
Does Arthritis Come with Old Age?

Old age and a healthy lifestyle contribute a lot to the health status of a person. It can either bring you to have a longer life or will end it because of sickness and complications. Most people especially those who are still young doesn’t care about their lifestyle. As long as they enjoy, it is fine with them. What they don’t realize is the long term effect of what they have done since they were young.

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Choosing the Most Effective Healthy Diet

Choosing the Most Effective Healthy Diet
Choosing the Most Effective Healthy Diet

Among all diets offered by many experts around the world, the Mediterranean Diet is the most effective of all. This diet incorporates the basics of health eating plus a splash of flavorful olive oil and maybe a glass of wine. This is very good for the heart so if you want your heart to be healthy, Mediterranean Diet is just right for you.

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